The Electronic Music Conference and Expo, popularly known as EMEX, is a multi-faceted platform for the Philippine electronic music scene, music production, DJ, EDM, recording, pro audio, and nightclub industries. On its 4th year, EMEX is one of the most unique and creative events held annually, attracting individuals from all over Asia and the Philippines. EMEX offers business potential including networking events focused on music, technology, sustainability, talent discovery, and music education.

June 19-21, 2015
SMX Aura (inside SM Aura Premier)
Bonifacio Global City,
Manila, Philippines

Registration via Eventbrite

Access to the Expo is FREE via pre-registration. Access to Conference requires PAID registration (Limited to 50 seats).

Event Schedule (subject to change)

The expo opens from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily.
The conference/seminar schedule is from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily (GREEN COLORED).

Questions and inquiries:
Email us: emexmanila@gmail.com
Facebook: http://Facebook.com/EmexManila
Instagram: http://instagram.com/EMEXph
Twitter: http://twitter.com/EMEXph

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Artiste Connect

Artiste Connect is a cool way to fund your projects. We believe in creative ideas and want to put them into reality. Many people become frustrated artists because of lack of funding. Those great ideas most of the time get lost in conversations like: making an album, film, book, or even ways to raise funds for social causes. We offer an opportunity to make these dreams come true.

Artiste Connect is a secure funding platform for local artists to support them on their struggle to finance the production of their projects. We support anybody with an artistic, cause-driven or entrepreneurial idea, sample projects are: you could be a writer funding a book, a film maker raising funds for a movie, a musician recording an album, an organization raising funds for a benefit cause, or even a supporter putting up an event for his favourite artist. We provide the tools and a secure way to collect cash pledges from your fans, friends, family, and other supporters.

For your project to stand out, we also recommend you to do extra groundwork such as emailing your friends, posting on your social network sites, blogs, making viral videos etc. The more you add creativity in pushing your fundraising campaign, the closer you will see your project become a reality.

Our aim is to connect the artist with their fans in a non-traditional manner by encouraging the more sophisticated fan base to become potential investors. Artiste Connect is not just about project productions. It’s about bridging the gap between the artist and the fan, as well as the artist and the businessman. Hence, through this communal interaction, both the artist and the supporter can have a chance to collaborate and together bring their projects to life.